FEATURE: The reasons for the change in dynamics of Yunus Musah

Published on: 25 February 2021

Yunus Musah has gone from the undisputed starter to being a footballer who is only used in very specific moments, he is not something to put his hands to his head or be alarmists. 

The strange thing was that it had so much prominence in the games at the beginning of the season, it is a budding value but one that still has a long way to go. The figures do not lie, in 2021 he only started in two league games and last Saturday he even stayed on the bench for 90 minutes. 

It does not seem that Gracia is going to give him as much continuity as months ago since he prefers the solidity of Daniel Wass in his position once Correia is more and more consolidated in the band (at least if we take into account his participation).

Yunus was one of the pleasant surprises at the start of the league and thanks to his work he won the renewal. But obviously he has too much to learn and he was not the ideal substitute for Ferran Torres; With the departure of Camterano, Valencia lost a lot of potential on the wing. 

With spaces Yunus is a very dangerous player, and he is even more so when coming off the bench. But he has to evolve as in other games he contributes very little and still makes hasty decisions due to inexperience. Sometimes his turnovers are dangerous.

The dynamics have turned for the worse in Yunus's case, quite the opposite of what seems to happen with Kang in. But like the Korean, the North American international must go through stages slowly and assume his role in the squad.

Source: deportevalenciano.com