GFA must declare stance on LGBTQ before men start playing women’s football - Moses Foh-Amoaning

Published on: 01 February 2024
GFA must declare stance on LGBTQ before men start playing women’s football - Moses Foh-Amoaning
Moses Foh-Amoaning

Legal expert Moses Foh-Amoaning is expressing concern that if proactive measures are not taken, there could be a future push for biological males to participate in women's sports teams based on gender rights.

Foh-Amoaning is urging the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to clarify its stance on the ongoing LGBTQ+ debate to prevent such scenarios in Ghana. He has also called on the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to promptly address the LGBTQ+ community.

Serving as the Executive Secretary of the National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values, Foh-Amoaning highlighted the potential for individuals to identify as a different gender and seek participation in sports, using the example of a man named Mohammed Polo expressing a desire to play for a women's team.

“The whole GFA and CAF must devise a response to this LGBT because it has already arrived in sports. Look at when we were going to Qatar for the World Cup, there was a whole lot of noise about it. What is our response?” he questioned during an interview with Happy FM.

The context of Foh-Amoaning's remarks is set against the backdrop of increasing calls from the LGBTQ+ community in Ghana for the legalization of homosexual activities and same-sex marriages.

The community established an office in Accra in 2021, attended by several ambassadors to Ghana, including the Australia High Commissioner. However, the Ghana Police Service later closed down the office amid public backlash, leading to the arrest of 21 individuals in Ho for promoting LGBT activities.

Simultaneously, Ghana's parliament is currently considering an anti-gay bill aimed at criminalizing all forms of homosexual activities in the country.