Ghana football is declining due to greedy administrators - Nii Lante Vanderpuye

Published on: 06 February 2024

Former Minister of Youth and Sports, Edwin Nii Lante Vanderpuye, attributes Ghana's football decline to self-serving interests among some Ghana Football Association (GFA) administrators.

Vanderpuye, who represents Odododiodio as a Member of Parliament, accuses the Black Stars management committee of prioritizing personal gains over national interests.

In an interview on TV3, Vanderpuye criticized GFA members for their alleged neglect of the country's football performance in favour of managing their own players.

He pointed out a conflict of interest, with individuals involved in both national football administration and their personal football academies.

“People are only interested in players they are managing. In Ghana, we have people who are in football administration at the national level and also find themselves in the management of the national teams and their individual football academies,” the MP stated

Vanderpuye lamented that players no longer prioritize representing their country but view the national team as a means to financial gain.

He questioned the logic behind the government approving $30,000 as bonuses for qualifications, suggesting it lacks justification.

"Why should the government approve $30,000 as bonuses for qualifications? It doesn’t make sense.”