Published on: 09 September 2022

On the eve of the trip to Naples, Eagles’ coach Luca Gotti spoke in the usual pre-match press conference: 

"I am very sorry for what happened with Pecini, I can say that for me it was a real thunderbolt; in this week I have spoken several times with the Club, which wanted to give me signals of approval for what has been done so far and reaffirmed its trust. Moreover, the Club has no intention of lowering the level of this team and has declared to me all the will to have more and more competitive Spezia.

About the injuries, the situation has not improved much. Today Strelec will train with team for the first time, so I trust to bring him to Naples. The others have made individual progress, but the timetable is longer. 

Napoli is a very strong team, they manage to combine quality ball possession with great intensity in moving it in tight. Then they are very good at attacking depth, being able to rely on very fast forwards. We will have to be careful about this aspect, which moreover we paid dearly for against Bologna: attention and courage, trying to concede as little as possible to our opponents. 

I can be satisfied with the 5 points, with such a complicated schedule it was difficult to do better. It is clear that the coach is always left with a bit of regret thinking back to some situations, in any case we know that the gaze must always be projected forward.  

Ampadu will be available tomorrow, I trust to use him and employ him in the defensive line: since he arrived he has given me maximum availability.

We are facing the sixth day and we have to create our own game identity. That is why I was not happy with the false step in San Siro, where a step forward in our growth path had not been taken. I would like to think that in every game where we take the field we can create the conditions for growth and improvement."

(Photo LaPresse)