GPL spokesperson slams Normalization Committee; claims they are not fit for purpose

Published on: 12 February 2019

Eric Alagidede has blasted the Normalisation Committee, describing the group as unfit to execute their mandate of restoring Ghana Football to normalcy.

The Normalisation Committee accused the Premier League clubs of sabotaging its efforts to have football back in the country after only two clubs agreed to participate in the Special competition in a statement released yesterday.

However, reports indicates the clubs resisted participation over of lack of financial transparency.

This has led to a banter with the committee, which Eric Alagidede believes is a ploy by the NC to incite the public against them.

“The Normalization committee is not fit for purpose. They just want to incite the public against the Premier League clubs,” the spokesperson for the clubs told Sikka Sports.

“We asked them for the financial breakdown of the competition three weeks ago but they didn’t mind us but they want us to sign up for the competition.”

“The tone of the letter was arrogant but we don’t want to go the same lane they are going.”

“They don’t know that they are the mother body so they can’t be using such words. That letter was insulting and it’s sad that they’re not aware,” he added.