Hearts new assistant coach Henry Wellington ready to work with any coach

Published on: 08 November 2016

Hearts of Oak assistant coach Henry Wellington has stated that he is ready to work with anybody appointed as head coach of the team.

The former Heart of Lions manager has been brought in following the exit of coach Yaw Preko to prepare the team for the upcoming G6 tournament.

Wellington says he will work hand in hand with anyone who is appointed to take the hot seat of the Rainbow club to ensure that the team move forward.

“I am ready to work with any coach who will be appointed by the management, I don’t care about his race. Whether a foreigner, a local. Asante or Ewe, I am ready to work with the person.” Wellington told Asempa FM

“I have been an assistant coach before, and I know the roles I will play for the team, it not going to be a problem at all,”

He added “As at now, I don’t have no idea on who will be coming to head the technical team, I will leave that to the management to take their decision,”