How Does Live Betting at A Sports Game Work?

Published on: 16 July 2020

Live betting is also known as in-play betting. It allows bettors to wager during an ongoing game with various lines posted once the match starts. The current betting experience is not only developing but also evolving.

This betting is like an adventure to an unfamiliar place full of opportunities and also risks. Its central belief is that it is easy to win when you bet on an already ongoing match as you will make more informed decisions.

Definition of live betting

This is betting, which lets you place a bet once the game has begun or is almost over. As the title suggests, the bet is placed when a game is ongoing. It is vital to note that the odds will vary depending on what is transpiring in the game.

In-play betting entails a unique proposition bet, such as deciding which player or team will score the next goal. This service relies heavily on technology; thus, not all online casinos and sportsbooks will offer it.

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Basic betting strategy guides

• An essential rule in live betting is that you should not bet to regain past losses. Betting is the most common method people use to ‘recover’ after losing their bets.

•Do not place too many live bets at a time, as this will narrow your chances of winning. Put your attention on a few games with full knowledge about and patiently wait until the perfect moment to place the bet.

• Avoid following games on live apps, but rather bet on teams you have watched personally.

• Analyze both teams before betting to get essential details such as; which team is more likely to come from behind, hold on to a goal difference pressure, etc.


Calculation of a live bet

Live bet calculations happen through bookmakers tasked with creating new lines within the main course. These calculations are quite a challenge because live games entail many events occurring simultaneously and quickly. People who compile these odds are known as odd compilers.

They are mainly given two tasks;

• The probability of the future result of each match

• The house edge required for them to complete a given task Advantages and disadvantages of in-play betting


• It has a live analysis that allows you to follow the proceedings of a match keenly before betting on it.

• Offers countless opportunities as you can bet any time of the week, and also, a variety of games are offered.

• More natural to gain the most value from a match that is already happening.


• These live bets are placed in a limited amount of time. If done while in a rush, you might risk coming up with the wrong decisions

• It is highly addictive because the odds and matches are very pleasing to the eyes

• Comes with the same match persistence.


The best way to make long term benefits is to have a perfect betting strategy. While there are a variety of strategies for you to choose from, your main ambition should be winning no matter the strategy you use.