Kevin Prince Boateng reacts to kneeling by English players

Published on: 10 June 2021

The fans protests against the kneeling cloud the mood in the English national team and even had a response from the Prime Minister. Sports show expert Prince Boateng reacted to the current situation.

Before England's two friendly matches against Austria and Romania, English fans vented their displeasure with the collective kneeling and caused a lot of head shaking and a medium-sized tremor in the motherland of football with their boos.

While coach Southgate and some players were forced to justify and defend the action, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's statements were very vague. Everyone has the right to protest peacefully, he said. Whether he was defending the fans or the national team remained open. The prime minister prefers to focus on actions rather than gestures, according to a spokesman.

Boateng supports the English players

So what to do One thing is clear: there will be no turning away from the kneeling position and giving way to the fans, as England striker Marcus Rashford underlined once again: "We believe that it is the right thing to do," said the Manchester United professional who also campaigns against racism and hatred outside the field. "And that's why we continue to do this". It sounded similar from the mouth of Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson: "We stand together against racism. And that says it all." End of discussion. But probably not an end to the conflict.