Kurt Okraku has truly revived football with 'Bring Back The Love' tag - SWAG president Kwabena Yeboah

Published on: 30 June 2021

President of the Sports Writers Association of Ghana [SWAG], Mr Kwabena Yeboah has showered praises on Ghana FA President, Kurt Okraku, saying he has exceeded his expectations.

The veteran sports broadcaster says he is impressed with the Kurt Okraku's led administration.

He stressed that FA has worked torridly in help[ping to revive football in the country.

"I think that the Ghana Football Association [GFA] led by Kurt Okraku have done a wonderful job. And I think that Kurt has exceeded my expectations," he told Kumasi based Hello FM.

"I say this in the context that he took over the reign of Ghana football at a very very difficult time. This was after the Anas’ Expose where Ghana didn’t play for over one year and then as soon as we started a new era, Covid-19 issues came in.

"So we went off for a very long time and for Kurt to come on board to organise our football to this level, Premier Division, First Division, Second Division, Women’s League and to whip up that interest to this level and to bring back the love, I think it’s been wonderful."

Mr Kwabena Yeboah maintains, his praise for the Ghana FA President does not take away his criticism of the FA on odd times, and will not mince words to praise them for a good job done

"Having said that, I have not suggested for a moment that it has been absolutely flourishing. I have had my criticism against him, in certain regard but I think that overall he deserves a great deal of commendation’.

The SWAG President shared his excitement at how far Kuet has brought Ghans Football, and hope it continues into the future

"I’m very very excited about what he has done so far and I am hoping that he would continue on this trajectory," he added.