Pictures: Black Queens tour Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum after WAFCON qualifier game against Rwanda

Published on: 21 September 2023

In a profound display of solidarity and respect, the Black Queens of Ghana took a momentous detour from the triumphs of the Women's Africa Cup of Nations (WAFCON) qualifier game against Rwanda.

After a thrilling victory on the field, the team chose to embark on a different kind of journey, one that transcends sports and delves deep into the heart of history.

Making their way to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum, the Black Queens embarked on a solemn pilgrimage to pay their respects to the departed souls of the Rwanda Genocide.

Amidst the somber setting of the museum, the players reverently laid flowers. This simple yet profound gesture served as a visual echo of the team's acknowledgment of the profound losses endured by the Rwandan people.

Prior to this moving visit, the Black Queens held a recovery training session at the Kigali Pele Stadium.

The remains of over 250,000 people are interred at the Kigali Genocide Memorial Museum.

Below are the pictures: