Player named in double identity protest by King Faisal against Tamale City cited using different name in an interview

Published on: 26 May 2023

King Faisal FC PRO Awal Mohammed has stated that the club has chanced upon a video where the player named in their protest against fellow Ghana Premier League side Tamale City mentioned a different name in an interview.

According to Awal Mohammed, this confirms what the club is saying and they will immediately forward it to the Ghana FA to back their case.

"It is true we King Faisal as a club we are continuing to gather more evidence and we also doing our own investigation. We have intercepted a video a guy named Isaac Mensah who also goes by Jireh Kojo Niseh granted an interview some few months ago," Awal Mohammed told Peace FM as monitored by

"The journalist asked him his name, his football career where he started even when you look at the video the caption they have written his name as Kojo Niseh. And the guy opened his own mouth to say he is called Jireh Kojo Niseh he plays for Tamale City and his former clubs he played for Cape Coast Metro, he played for Hasaacas before going to Tamale City,"

"Meaning he has confirmed that the Super Rainbow FC that Tamale City in their statement of defense said that they bought the player from he doesn't know that club. So this is the latest information we have and this morning we are forwarding it to the GFA and the Disclipnary Committee so that they see that the point King Faisal is standing on that the player Tamale City has done double registration where one of his name is Isaac Mensah and the other is Jireh Kojo Niseh it is in order,"