Referees chief Joe Debrah wants integrity course for club officials and media

Published on: 07 February 2020

Chairman of the Referees Association  of Ghana, Retired FIFA Referee Joe Deborah wants Ghana FA to organize integrity test for club officials, Club Owners, Football Administrators and Sports Journalist in Ghana.

According to the RAG chairman the integrity test the referees went through at Kasoa will be a mere cosmetic if those people are also not taken through the "Laws of the Game".

"Because Referees don't dip their hands into team owners and CEO's pockets to collect money. They give out the money to the referees and what they wanted is not achieved they turn round to cry or complain. They also needs Integrity Test" Joe Debra said.

"Journalist who are on pay roll of clubs and sees nothing wrong with their pay masters team and becomes bias in their reportage also needs Integrity Test." he added

"Authorities in the FA who owns clubs or are affiliated with clubs and used their position to threaten referees to officiate to their advantage also needs Integrity Test." he asserted

"For instance, what happened yesterday at Takwa, if you are a coach or club Administrator and understand the Laws of the games, you will not go onto the pitch to questioned the referee why he added five minutes but you end up playing more than five minutes. Our Laws allowed us to play more minutes in the additional time, depends on what happens in additional time."