Sometimes we look at our salaries and weep - Francis Twene

Published on: 07 July 2023

In the competitive world of Ghana Premier League football, where dreams are built and fortunes are made, there exists a harsh reality that often goes unnoticed.

Amidst the drumming and dancing in the stands, one player from Bechem United, Francis Twene, sheds light on an aspect of the game that often brings him to tears.

As the fanfare and football drama overshadow the struggles of the average player, Twene reveals the heart-wrenching truth of salaries of players causing him to weep in despair.

"Our salaries for a month do not even take us beyond one week," he told Akwaaba Sports Arena.

"Sometimes we look at our salaries and weep as a Ghana Premier League player,"

Players have cited low salaries in the top flight in Ghana as the reason why they travel outside to play in leagues that are not well known.

Fans have urged the Ghana FA and clubs to do something about the salary situation in the league.