The Backhanded Letter of Apology That 17-Year-Old Bottle-Throwing Valencia Fan Sent to Barcelona

Published on: 25 October 2016

Valencia have finally managed to identify the culprit who launched a half-empty bottle at Barcelona's players in the weekend clash between the two teams, and the lad has apologised for his actions.

The young lad, aged 17, has sent theValencia Radio stationa letter to explain his actions, and to apologise for the (hilarious) reaction he drew from Barca's celebrating stars as they bagged a late goal to win the game at Mestalla.

The Barcelona players are such a unit, that if a bottle hits one of them, they all feel it...

His letter makes for outstanding reading, and here it is:"I am the fan who threw the bottle, yes, the bottle thrown at players of Barcelona.

"From the moment I threw the bottle, Iknew the grave mistake I made. I strongly regret (it) because it is an act that does not define me as the person I am, much less define the great fans of Valencia.

"At that time, after having been ahead on the scoreboard, the face of adversity, I saw the game slip away for us unfairly. At the time of the penalty I felt a great impotence and strong discouragement for what was happening.

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"When Messi got the goal and as they approached the curve to celebrate, I also saw it as an insult fromNeymar to all Valencia fans who had been screaming for our team until the last breath. Then I saw the bottle on the floor and without even thinking about it,my impulse was to pick it up and throw it - with such bad luck that mine hit them. A bottle that, despite being virtually empty, was enough to makefive players pretend there wascontact.

"But what I did waswrong. I know that I love Valencia ahead of everything else and I know that in this act the great fans of Valencia, much less our values is not shown. I apologise to Barcelona and the team of my life, as always continue to support him until the end of my days."

What a bundle of nothing this was.

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