Willem II trainer Fred Grim praises Kwasi Otchere Wriedt

Published on: 19 September 2021

With the point dragged out of the fire at NEC in his pocket, Willem II worked towards the home match against FC Groningen on Saturday evening. Fred Grim hopes the doubtful cases will be fit just in time.

Goalkeeper Timon Wellenreuther, left back Derrick Kohn. winger Mats Kohlert... Willem II coach Fred Grim hopes they will all be there on Saturday evening against FC Groningen, although they were not there at all against NEC last Sunday (Wellenreuther) or were injured (the other two).

"It looks good", the coach said at the weekly press moment, but whether they will all make it is not yet certain. Only for Ringo Meerveld this match comes too early. The attacking midfielder, who came over injured from FC Den Bosch, has already trained with the group this week. Of course, the long-term injured Wesley Spieringhs is not among them.

Asked about his opinion about striker Kwasi Otchere Wriedt, Grim said: In Nijmegen I saw the Otchere as I like to see him. We've been working on him a lot lately. I demand more from him. In possession of the ball, but also in possession of the opponent. Aggressive pressure, the collaboration with the numbers 7, 11 and 10. That sort of thing. He picks it up, although sometimes he still needs to be reminded of certain points. Especially last Sunday I saw steps forward. It's not just for him to adapt, because I want the team to play in a way that is close to what each link does. That is not in everyone's system, not even Otchere. But we are working hard on it.