World Cup 2022: South Korea coach Paulo Bento sweating over Kim Min-jae's injury ahead of Ghana clash

Published on: 27 November 2022

On November 26, the South Korean national football team, coached by Paulo Bento, trained at the El Eglass Training Center in Doha, Qatar.

Coach Paulo Bento received some unpleasant news. Kim Min-jae missed two days of training after suffering an injury in the Uruguay game on the 24th.

Kim Min-jae made the decision to take a rest on the 25th while being monitored by the coaching staff and the duty team at the team hotel. Even on the 26th, Min-jae Kim was unable to show up to the training area.

"Kim Min-jae has not yet subsided the pain. The hotel will also take a break and recovery today. It's fortunate that it wasn't serious enough to scan the extent of the injury, but Kim Min-jae wasn't in training for two consecutive days, making the Kanagi appear opaque. Now the only training left until the second leg of the second leg is the 27th morning training," officials at the Football Association said before the 26th training.

"I'm concerned that Kim Min-jae could come out of Kanah, and it would be a horde. Min-jae Kim was unable to rest properly after moving to Naples this season. He played almost all of the games from Italy SerieA to the European Champions League. Rotation was not allowed. Even if Naples had a perfect win, Luciano Spaletti did not give Kim Min-jae a break. Min-jae Kim had a tired color even before joining Qatar," said Bento

"Kim Min-jae played almost every game. As a result, there were also injuries, and a little injuries during the World Cup. This is because there are times when you play without considering that you may be injured while playing multiple games,”