World Cup 2022: Sports Minister Hon Mustapha Ussif thanks supporters ahead of Uruguay clash

Published on: 30 November 2022

Hon Mustapha Ussif, Ghana's Sports Minister has praised supporters for standing firmly behind the Black stars through defeat and victory.

Hon Ussif said that the Ghanaian economy and the world economy, in general, were in bad shape, which is why he decided to appeal to people and organizations for assistance in the form of donations and sponsorships to help cover some expenditures.

He also urged supporters not to sell the tickets they had worked so hard to obtain, noting that a few Ghanaians had been detained and charged with selling tickets provided to them to allow them admission to the stadium.

Speaking at the meetup the Sports Minister said:

"We are human beings we can't get everything perfect we will get challenges here and there but I want you to forgive us. Any problem that you have encountered here we are trying to make you comfortable. But you know resources are very scarce we have economic challenges and because of the global economic challenges that we find ourselves we have to move from one corporate institution to another corporate institution appealing for support," he said.

"We have to appeal to individual Ghanaians to support us to bring some of you here so the little that we have been able to arrange we will use it on you to support our Stars. We won't get it perfect but that is the little we can do you know we are not here on sacrifice, dedication and work hard to support our Stars,"