Bad relationship with players led to coach Frank Nuttal's suspension - Frank Nelson

Published on: 13 February 2018


Hearts of Oak's board member Frank Nelson has attributed the suspension of head coach Frank Eliot Nutall by the club to the gaffer's bad relationship with the players.

Nelson who is also a member of the 3-member committee formed to investigate the recent conduct of the coach, says the club feels uncomfortable with Nutall's attitude and relationship with his players and feels that by virtue of club policies, had to arrive at suspending the coach pending adjudication.

"The coach's relationship with his players is not been comfortable with the club's administration", Frank Nelson told Kumasi based radio FOX 97.9 FM.

According to Nelson, coach Frank Eliot Nutall has neither denied nor admitted to the charges hence the need to form the 3-member ad hoc committee to probe the matter.

Hearts of Oak on Tuesday released official statement confirming the suspension of the Scottish manager " with immediate effect" for attitudes considered contradictory to the club's codes of ethics, while also announcing that assistant coach Henry Willington with take charge of all training sessions until further notice.