Covid-19: Alhaji Grusah confess he is struggling to raise money to pay players

Published on: 15 May 2020

Owner of King Faisal Football Club (FC), Alhaji Grusah has confessed that he is struggling to raise money to pay his players in the midst of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis. 

The Ghana Premier League club is one of 18 top-flight clubs who are burdened with financial difficulties due to the suspension of the football season. Their sure source of income which is through gate proceeds is blocked due to the fact that no match has been played for the past 2 months.

Speaking to OTEC FM, Alhaji Grusah has admitted that he is going through a difficult patch. According to him, he is struggling to get funds to settle player wages and is now left with no choice but to discuss pay cut with the playing body.

“Our worry now is how to raise money to pay the players. I will discuss a possible pay-cut with my management before meeting the players”, he shared.

In line with the current situation, Alhaji Grusah is urging the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to ensure they let clubs benefit from the incoming FIFA money.