Ethics Committee dismisses Bribery and match-fixing allegations against Bolga All Stars

Published on: 10 December 2016

Newly promoted Bolga All Stars have been cleared to play in the Ghana Premier League after the Ethics Committee dismissed match-fixing and bribery allegations against them.

Supporters of BA United claimed their side were bribed by the Upper East side during their Division One League campaign to throw the match at the Sunyani Coronation Park in September.

The fans retrieved an amount of US$ 1,000 from one of their club official.

But after looking into the matter starting 15 September, the committee it revealed that the supporters lacked evidence and the case dismissed.

A statement read: "The GFA ethics committee chaired by its vice chairman has dismissed the case of bribery and match fixing between BA United FC and Bolga All Stars FC in respect of their Day 28 match.

"Based on a request by the division one league board to find out if there was bribery and match fixing between BA United FC and Bolga All Stars FC, the committee commenced its investigations on 15 September 2016.

''Subsequently, the Committee also received a petition from Wamnafo Mighty Royals FC as an interested party. This was after it was alleged that supporters of BA United attacked and accused some of its club officials of taking money from Bolga All Stars to fix their league match in favour of the latter.

"The committee took into consideration evidence from the division one league board and all parties (oral, written, audio and video). From the evidence presented before the committee, there is no direct proof that indeed money changed hands between the two clubs prior or during the match. Evidence from both the referee and the match commissioner’s reports do not suggest that is was a match of convenience.

"The committee believes that there are no bases for the claim of bribery and match fixing between the two clubs notwithstanding the pieces of evidence before the Committee. For the simple reason that the pieces of evidence does not directly point to a giver or a taker of the alleged bribe.

''The reasons for this decision shall be made available to the GFA and to all parties soon."