Government endorses 5-months extension period to NC awaiting FIFA gazette

Published on: 18 February 2019


It has emerged that Government of Ghana has endorsed a 5-month extension of mandate for the Ghana Football Association (GFA) Normalization Committee.

Amidst the report of the committee planning for an extension of their tenure, a letter has been sent to the Presidency asking for more time to execute their plans.According to the Normalization Committee the earlier six months given isn't enough to organise new elections, clean-up the FA and provide better preparatory equipment for the national teams especially the male national team, the Black Stars.

Report reveals their extension proposal before Jubilee house is to see their tenure elapse on August 31.Which is a month after the 2019 African Cup of Nations(AFCON) finals.The source added that, the NC said to the Government that having FIFA and GFA works at hand and also the AFCON to be held in Egypt will toll on the performance on the team asuch needs an extension to fully concentrate on preparing a formidable and well-organised Black Stars team which can conquer the continent.

After several deliberations between Government officials, it has been agreed upon and set to send Government delegation to the Headquarters of FIFA in Zurich to convince the world football governing body, FIFA.

Story by Kolog Bonaventure

The Normalization Committee mandate is supposed to end come March 31, having being in office since September 13,2018.