Why has the Bet365 log been so praised all over the world?

Published on: 23 February 2021

Bet365 is one of the most well known brands in the bookmaker realm. However, this didn’t happen by mere chance. Instead, this is attributed to the hard work put by everybody working at this place. Recently they developed a nice new feature called the Bet365 log, whose unique characteristics have conquered even the most skeptical football fans around the world.


For those who might not know, this Bet365 log is something that stores all the activity that an user has had over the Bet365 platform. However, this is not only for pure statistics. Instead, this feature is used for suggesting new and potentially highly profitable betting behaviors.


So far, this log Bet365 has been quite successful, and this is the main reason why so many people have enjoyed it so far, and it has been an extremely smart move that has put Bet365 at the absolute forefront of this market, gaining millions of new and passionate users in the process.

Livescores is another great companion to use alongside any bookmaker

It is crucial for all bookmaker users to have at hand a robust and reliable companion that can help them with their wagering. There are many sites that can do this kind of work, however, one of the best in the entire market is livescores.biz. This platform has been created by fellow football fans who wanted to provide nothing less than the absolute best football information in terms of quantity and quality. Thanks to this approach, nowadays this website is capable of offering the following very interesting features:


  • A huge list of virtually all the upcoming football fixtures that can be imagined
  • Some great live scores being updated constantly by a team of expert collaborators
  • Past scores that can be reviewed with a lot of detail


The scores, both past and live, are the true core of the livescores platform. Unlike other portals that simply give the partial or final score, this platform is capable of delivering much more information. Specifically, by visiting any match covered by this website, it is possible to review goal scorers, starting line-ups, yellow cards, red cards, and much more.


But that’s not all, because on certain occasions, there can be live streamings available for certain matches. On these occasions, expect livescores to list some of those broadcasts that can be enjoyed for free by the passionate fans from all over the world who regularly visit this site.