Women’s football receive FIFA’s $500,000 boost - GFA confirms

Published on: 16 July 2020

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has confirmed that it has shared the FIFA cash of $500,000 meant for boosting women’s football to the various clubs and national teams in the country.

“The FIFA Women’s grant of USD$5,000 has been shared to only the women’s game and the women clubs as per the stipulation of FIFA”, a letter from the Ghana FA available with footballghana.com has said.

In the midst of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, FIFA has decided to send grants to member associations solely to be pumped into women’s football.

The money is to help alleviate the financial burden that has been imposed on women teams in the wake of the Covid-19 disease.

Not only will all 16 Women’s Premier League clubs benefit from the $500,000, but the various women’s national teams are also set to receive some cash sums as well.

This money comes as a huge boost for women’s football in Ghana and is expected to improve the women’s game as they prepare to return to the field after the pandemic.