Barcelona Defender Left Behind After Forgetting His Passport as Team Fly to Manchester Without Him

Published on: 30 October 2016

Footballers have a fairly easy life. They get paid lots of money to do one of the world's best jobs, whilst having most of their life organised for them.

So when they have to remember one simple but important detail like a passport, you would think that they are capable of completing a simple task.

Barcelona defender misses flight to Manchester after forgetting passport

Sadly for Barcelona defender Marlon, remembering his passport was clearly beyond his capabilities, as he rocked up the airport ahead of Barcelona's flight to Manchester, minus the all important document, as reported by theMirror.

In fairness to the young defender, the excitement of your first ever away game would muddle most people's brain but his dream of travelling abroad for a Champions League away match was dashed as he was left behind when the plane took off.

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The defender only recently broke into the Catalan's first team, having spent the last few season playing for Barcelona B.

Luckily the Brazilian was flown over to Manchester on a private flight later on Monday, as he rejoined his teammates after his embarrassing gaff.

He certainly won't be forgetting his first away trip in a hurry.