Black Stars’ woes are God’s way of embarrassing Kurt Okraku – Alhaji Grusah

Published on: 24 November 2023

Former management committee member of the Black Stars, Alhaji Karim Grusah says he blames Ghana Football Association (GFA) President Kurt Okraku for the poor performance of the Black Stars.

According to him, the national team is performing badly because God wants to punish the Ghana FA capo for cheating people and neglecting people in the football circles.

"They said they had dissolved the national team, and they didn't give us letters because they didn't give us letters when they appointed us," Alhaji Grusah said.

He continued, "He claimed he could do it all by himself, it's God who is punishing him. Where you least expect to be embarrassed that where you get embarrassed for cheating on people. We are supposed to be one family in football but you want to do it alone along with your family.”

This comes after Ghana’s poor showing in the October and the November international break.

Just like Grusah, most Ghanaians are unhappy with the showing of the Black Stars especially in the defeat to Comoros.


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