Demoting AshantiGold and Inter Allies didn't eradicate betting from Ghana football - George Afriyie

Published on: 10 February 2023

Former GFA Vice President, George Afriyie believes the demoting of AshantiGold and Inter Allies to the National Division Two League from the Ghana Premier League didn't eradicate betting from Ghana football.

The GFA Disciplinary Committee took the decision after finding the two clubs guilty of match manipulation in the 2020/21 season.

Afriyie praised the GFA for taking such a step but is doubtful the punishment has stopped clubs from taking part in betting.

"The GFA took a very drastic decision. When you punish clubs, it serves as a deterrent. As we speak, we are aware certain clubs have been expelled or banned," he told Joy Sports.

"It is a good step, but are they the only clubs doing it? Or they were just picked as scapegoats?

"Personally, I think betting still exists in our system. We see these things on TV when people mention the scoreline [of games] and it comes to pass. It is not share coincidence.

"We need to get serious if we want to eradicate it completely."