FA Cup chief Wilson Arthur wants government to pay salaries of local players

Published on: 21 September 2023

Skyy FC owner Wilson Arthur has urged the government to fund the salaries of players plying their trade in the local scene.

The mass exodus of players in the domestic top-flight league has affected the standard of the Ghana Premier League and other leagues in the country.

Most players who turn out to perform well join other clubs on the continent or move to Europe for greener pastures.

And in a bid to get rid of the cancer, the Chairman of the Ghana FA Cup Committee has called on government to contribute to the development of sports by bearing salaries of players.

“I agree that the FA has its part to play but when you go to Rwanda, Tanzania and a lot of countries, professional players are paid by the state. Football is just like a school. So, the schools of these players are the clubs. The government should support.

“So, I should bring up a player and then when he plays well, he represents the country? What investment has the government made in the player," he quizzed.

“If the government sponsors a national team, he has done nothing big,” he added.