Former Tottenham Star Says Why He Preferred Playing for Spurs Over England

Published on: 15 November 2016

As reported by theEvening Standard,ex-Spurs captain Ledley King claims to have had a more enjoyable time out on the pitch when he suited up for Tottenham, as opposed to playing for his country.

A former England international,King - whoisnow an ambassador at Tottenham -made 21 appearances for his countryduring his career, but made over 250 outings for the London side.

He spent all of his club career at White Hart Lane, but was forced to retire earlier than he had planned because of knee problems. He was certainly a top performer, but with England changing managers quite frequently, coupled with the consistent formof John Terry and Rio Ferdinand, he was not what could be called a Three Lions regular.

Given what we know, it's perhaps not too surprising to hearKing claim he was happier wearing a Spurs shirt than an England one.

"It's a different type of pressure," he said.

We know where Ledley King stands on the club vs country debate
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"When you're amongst your people that you've been around for a long time at club level it has a different feel to internationals.

"You don't want to call each other strangers but there's a different feel.

"You feel a bit more relaxed around your club mates, which makes it more enjoyable.You're very proud when you play for England but the enjoyment was never the same for me."

King touched on England's failures as well, noting that English players don't really have a bond with each other, with club rivalry getting in the way.

"Naturally you do, you're around them a lot more. That's probably not right. That's where other countries maybe feel a little bit different to England.

"With England we've never really come together and had that bond. That's probably been our downfall."

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