Gerald Asamoah reacts to fans attack on Schalke 04 after relegation

Published on: 23 April 2021

Schalke O4 team manager Gerald Asamoah has reacted to the fans attack on the club after suffering relegation on Tuesday.

The Royal Blues will be dropping to the Bundesliga II for the first time since 1988 after a torrid campaign in 2020/21 season with four games to spare.

This was after Schalke suffered a 1-0 defeat to Armenia Bielefeld at away.

The Gelsenkirchen based club in western Germany have endured a miserable 15 months with five different head coaches, high-profile resignations, negative headlines, supporter protests and existential financial problems exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis.

Schalke 04 on their return on Wednesday morning were attacked by the fans of the club at the stadium to express their frustrations about their demotion to the second tier.

"The fear in Buyo's eyes will stay with me," Schalke squad manager and club legend Gerald Asamoah said on Thursday when speaking about the attack from fans against players who also went after assistant coach Mike "Buyo" Buskens.

But instead of a conversation, the fans went wild and the situation got out of control.

"I was one of the first out of the bus. I did not have any fear. I've known the fans for a long time and believed nothing would happen," Asamoah told reporters.