Ghanaian youngster Justin Diehl nears starting eleven debut for FC Köln

Published on: 27 January 2024

German-born Ghanaian attacker Justin Diehl, previously sidelined and seemingly overlooked, is now on the verge of his starting eleven debut at FC Köln.

The 19-year-old offensive player, once relegated, has not only earned his place back but has also impressed enough to catch the eye of head coach Timo Schultz.

Diehl's journey from being sorted out to being granted substantial playing time is indicative of his resilience and skill. Steffen Baumgart's successor, Schultz, has already introduced Diehl in the last two matchdays, providing him valuable playing minutes. Yet, it appears Diehl's role might transcend that of a mere substitute.

The anticipation surrounding Diehl's potential starting eleven debut reached new heights as Schultz, in a press conference before the Wolfsburg game, hinted at the youngster's imminent elevation. "Very close" were the words used by Schultz, hinting at Diehl's proximity to a coveted spot in the starting line-up. This, if it materializes, would mark Diehl's debut in a competitive professional game, a significant milestone in his career.

However, Schultz cautioned that 'close' does not equate to 'there yet.' Diehl, though on the brink, still has a bit to go before securing a permanent place in the starting eleven. The FC coach acknowledged the progress but underlined that Diehl's journey is a work in progress.