Published on: 19 August 2022

Tomorrow at 20:45 the Eagles will face Inter on the second day of the championship. The words of Coach Luca Gotti on the eve of the match:

"The three points gained last week weigh a lot, they also allowed us to manage the week in a different way, even more badly, paying more attention to the mistakes made and the aspects to be improved.

Verde due to a problem that had already limited him last week will not be there tomorrow, hoping that he can recover in the coming days. Kovalenko has resumed training with the team, tomorrow he will be in the group.

Today we have a group of players who are already physically ready for the championship and others less so, and we paid for this in the last 20 minutes of the last game, but we continue to work with intensity.

There is an increasingly marked difference between the big ones and the other teams, in the league there are almost unplayable games. Episodes can happen that make football unpredictable, but the numbers are objective. We will go to Milan, trying to contain the great strength of Inter and at the same time doing our best to try to hurt them.

Instead of Verde? We have several players who can play in the offensive department, we will see what we decide to do, keeping in mind that things can change even in the current game.

The almost one thousand fans who will be with us tomorrow will certainly be of great support to us, moreover in a stadium that will be sold out for Inter's home debut."

(Photo LaPresse)