Published on: 24 August 2022

Hellas Verona FC is proud to celebrate the milestone of one million users across all digital platforms currently used by the Club.

The first ever sports club from Veneto to cross this milestone, Hellas Verona has seen its followers double over the last three seasons, thanks to the work carried out every day on seven different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, OneFootball, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn) and for six different entities related to the Club (Hellas Verona FC, Youth Sector, Hellas Verona Women, Hellas Verona Store, Hellas Verona eSports and Hellas Verona Foundation).

Alongside the daily work of posting news, results and match updates, Verona’s social teams have achieved this landmark by sharing the values and rich history of one of Italy’s most iconic and recognizable club, focusing on the team’s deep connection with the city of Verona, and promoting the many charitable initiatives the Club has worked on over the past decade.

Exploring emerging platforms such as TikTok, which targets a younger demographic and where Hellas Verona is near to hit 100,000 followers, is a core element of the Club’s ambition to reach and become known to the next generation of football fans.

Equally important is the work done together with OneFootball, the world’s number one football media platform. Since joining OneFootball in June, more than 160,000 fans have followed Verona as their favourite team, receiving all the latest news, statistics, match results and other content from the Club, live and in real time, 365 days a year.

A further 100,000 followers come from Verona’s many different related entities – Youth Sector, Hellas Verona Women, Hellas Verona Store, Hellas Verona eSports, Hellas Verona Foundation and Hellas Verona Official App.

(Foto hellasverona.it)


Source: legaseriea.it