I nearly sold my club and stop investing in football last season - Skyy FM bankroller Wilson Arthur

Published on: 09 November 2023

In a startling revelation, Skyy FC owner Wilson Arthur has admitted that he came perilously close to pulling the plug on his football venture last season.

Citing a string of contentious decisions that went against his team, Arthur disclosed that he seriously contemplated a drastic move - selling off not just his players, but the entire team.

"If it didn't discourage me I will be lying at a point in time I wanted to quit when you look at the investment you have put into it and you look at how the life of the children have turned around which has helped them it is difficult," he told Peace FM as monitored by Footballghana.com

"Especially when you say that you are selling the prices some people will mention will be annoying if you are doing the football very well you are spending Ghc50,000 every month on the children.

"So if someone tells you that the business you spend 50,000 a month and someone says he will buy it for 200,000 it is like the person is insulting you so it becomes difficult letting go so you will do it little by little but I am happy I didn't give up,"