In form Ghanaian winger Ansgar Knauff praised by Eintracht Frankfurt coach Dino Toppmöller

Published on: 27 January 2024

The resurgence of German-born Ghanaian winger Ansgar Knauff at Eintracht Frankfurt is proof of the transformational power of self-confidence, as well as his on-field abilities.

The young player's commitment to his new team after leaving BVB seemed to hit a minor hiccup at the start of the season, but it's the way he bounced back that truly underscores the significance of belief in oneself.

Ansgar's evolution into an integral part of the Eintracht Frankfurt squad wasn't immediate. A brief downturn marked the initial phase of the season, but from matchday 8 onwards, something changed. Like the turning of a tide, he found himself not just in the starting lineup but also making impactful contributions with goals.

“He is now in very, very good form and has already scored five goals this season. "He's full of self-confidence, you can see that in training with his shots, which are really good," Toppmöller said on Thursday.

“Ansgar is very, very important for us at the moment because he simply has this greed, in defensive behavior, in running. He is very hard-working, has very good transition moments and has also discovered his goal threat. There could be a few more,” he added.