Inter Allies CEO advises clubs to take insurance cover against future pandemics

Published on: 14 July 2020

Delali Senaye, Inter Allies CEO has told clubs to take insurance cover against future pandemics after the impact of COVID-19. 

After the Ghana Premier League was suspended, clubs lodged complaints of their struggle to pay player salaries and even wanted to explore the option of pay cuts.

Senaye suggests the the insurance cover will help the club deal with this in the future.

“I’m very much of the view that, after this crisis, clubs should take steps to take insurance cover against unforeseen circumstances like this,” he told Joy Sports.

“In as much as we pray against anything happening again, it is important we take certain steps so that if it does happen again, we can fall on such for protection.

“I think the way to go is to insure against a future occurrence of unforeseen situations like this.

“It will help all of us, and also give us some security,” Senaye noted.

“Some lessons would be learnt out of this COVID-19. Football clubs would have to prepare and move forward as a unit,” he concluded.

The Executive Council of the GFA will meet on 14th July to reveal their plans for Ghana football going forward.