Jacob Akrong enjoys reaching the finals of MX cup

Published on: 29 November 2019

Zacatepec Ghanaian defender, Jacob Akrong, revealed how he lived the moments in which the ball hit his shoulder in the Semifinals of Vuelta before Atlante, last Saturday.

Prior to the first leg of the Final against Alebrijes, the defender told in a unique way how he lived that drama that would have eliminates his club.

"The ball hit me on the shoulder because I had my hand well behind. That's why when he hit the shoulder, he refused very well. If it had been in the hand, the ball is where I was."

"When the referee whistled I said 'go ..., don't mames', then I went with the line, and I said' wey, please it was not a hand, 'it was a shoulder, 'he said- calm down.'

“I went to the referee and said 'go, your flag speaks to you, listen to it'. He said 'calm, black, calm down'. It was that he talked to him and I calmed down a little

"When the referee whistled that it was not a goal, I said 'a hue .., come on, Cañeros, we will reach the Final,'

Prior to the Ida Final against Alebrijes, at the 2019 Opening, Jacob Akrong said he was proud of what he had achieved so far, and said he was motivated to be champion.

“I feel very proud and happy to reach the Final. I've been here for a long time, but we had never reached the final. They always eliminated us. This time I am happy, happy.