Published on: 30 September 2022

These are Mister Juric's statements on the eve of the match against Napoli:

"There's a group who stayed here with whom we worked a lot and well. Those who went to the national team, on the other hand, we don't know if they've recovered well, hopefully they'll be fine, we'll go a bit by intuition. I think Napoli are among the teams who are playing better, Giuntoli has done a masterpiece in the transfer market, getting practically everything right and Spalletti is turning this into a great game and it will be a difficult game. I hope the team is charged up and ready as it has practically always been, we play against Napoli and there will have to be great motivation. In my opinion we have to be realistic and calm in our judgements, we have to stay positive knowing that there will be ups and downs. We work day by day trying to improve, but we must not think too far ahead".

(Photo LaPresse)


Source: legaseriea.it