King Faisal owner Alhaji Grusah accuses GFA of receiving kickbacks

Published on: 20 September 2023

Alhaji Grusah, the outspoken owner of King Faisal Football Club, has leveled serious allegations against the Ghana Football Association (FA), claiming that they have been involved in a web of illicit financial dealings.

Grusah, known for his unapologetic candor, has accused the FA of accepting kickbacks, raising concerns about the integrity of Ghana's footballing landscape.

These shocking assertions have the potential to rock the nation's football scene. Calls for a comprehensive inquiry into the alleged wrongdoing will probably result from this.

"What they did to George tomorrow they will do it to me Grusah they can tell you that we will collapse your team. Mr Yeboah his team went to relegation he says he won't do football again," he told Peace FM as monitored by

"Ask the President of Ghana Football Association are you making profit in football or making losses we are on it.

The FA collects kickback me they collected a kickback from me and I went for it the kickback I paid but I have gone for my money. All these will come out the day of the press conference,"