Legon Cities PRO Kwame Dwomoh confirms armed robbery attack on the team

Published on: 02 November 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Legon Cities Football Club fell victim to an armed robbery attack, as confirmed by the team's Public Relations Officer, Kwame Dwomoh.

The harrowing incident unfolded following their match week eight game against Samartex, which ended in a 3-0 defeat. As the team made their way back to Accra, they were confronted by assailants, marking a distressing episode in the club's history.

According to Kwame Dwomoh, the assailants stole phones, laptops, and an amount of GHc 9000. He added that the players were not harmed but one assailant hit the hand of one of their players with a cane.

"Yesterday when our game ended and we were coming to Accra between Nkawere and Toaso there about and all of a sudden we saw that there seem to be a police barrier and the assumption was that during night travels there are a lot of police barriers," he told Peace FM as monitored by

"So there was a long queue of cars and we also followed but after some few minutes we notice that the cars were not moving the next thing we knew some boys numbering about 10 came out of the bushes from both sides. There were some in front too and the next thing we saw they were just attacking everybody car by car when they get in whatever you have then they collect it. So they got to our bus and tired to force their way into it but initially they couldn't we resisted a little but if someone points a gun at you the resisting will stop.

"They found their way into the bus and they took what they wanted laptops, phones, money and they made their way back into the bus and left everyone on the road. The only person they touched was one of our players Osman one of the assailants hit his hand with a cane aside that they didn't attack or beat anyone,"