Published on: 19 September 2022

Arriving at the offices in Via Melara this morning, Eduardo Macía, spoke for the first time as Chief Football Officer of Spezia Calcio:

- How was your first impact with Spezia Calcio? 

My first impact is the reason I am here, the challenging opportunity to help to build up some different to make next steps to uplift the pedigree of this football club. Someway to say we are in a F1 race with a car with good foundations we must develop.

- What particularly attracted you to the Platek family's project? 

As we have been extensively talking in our previous meeting and videaocalls, the real opportunity to build up an ambitious project with solidity, understanding well the whole vision of Platek Group from a strategical point of view but keeping in mind where and who we are at the moment to bring constantly improvements. And overall the fact we have given the opportunity to make something different, to bring a cutting edge factor in to be implemented across the football clubs.

- What values do you consider indispensable in your work and what do you expect from your teams?

I have always been considering the competitiveness as a key remarkable point: we cannot make mistake in terms of personality, game understanding and consistency within the team and we have to build up our foundations from that, players who bring in this approach to the game. When you play as the highest level we cannot put technical, tactical or physical aspects above but intensity, decision making on the pitch, high success ratios of play delivering…something like to say “we pay for head and brains not only for feet”. When you get that you boost the whole machine to the next level and you can evolve that to the highest level as the players enjoy competing and do not have the climbing mountain pressure in their minds.

Similar approach we must bring to our Academy boys, then when they pop into the real football they are youngsters ready to play but not simply youngsters. This is the main characteristic of the identity we must develop. Afterwards, and of course, the football style comes: this will be the way we will print our identity on the pitch, and this begins selecting a coach capable to do so, as we have with Gotti, then the players who will develop the process on the pitch.

- Have you already had the chance to talk to coach Luca Gotti? What did you say to each other?

We had an initial positive conversations, specially to bring confidence from my side to keep him motivated and boosting the team through his work. We had a little chat about the squad and its current moment, something we will talk deeply about in the next days. We have a decent season start then from that we need to improve, and to keep always improving, even when we think we are doing well. The football world is so competitive that the minute you relax the sooner you go down…and really fast.

- You will certainly have already seen Spezia Calcio play. What do you think of the squad available to the coach? What margins for improvement do you see?

As I said before, we deliver a decent start, so from that point we will improve. The coach need to see he works usefully and the players need to understand we never stop but we want to bring more success but keeping realistic, giving our 100% and never thinking it will be enough giving less.

(Photo LaPresse)