Modern football is all about speed - Legon Cities coach Goran Barjaktarević

Published on: 28 July 2020

Goran Barjaktarević, Head Coach of Legon Cities FC, says he wants to build a team that has speed as its hallmark since modern football is all about speed.

The Serbian is seeking to build a team that can compete well when the Ghana Premier League (GPL) returns in October after the 2019/20 was cancelled by the Ghana Football Association (GFA) due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in an interview with the GNA Sports, the coach said he was looking forward to combining techniques, tactics, and speed as the unique qualities of his team, adding that, "modern football is all about speed".

"I want to have a team that has a unique style of play that will be associated with my team.

"People must identify my team with these unique qualities. That is why I want to make speed, techniques, and tactics as the hallmark.

"Mistake is the difference in modern football now. I want to make sure we commit fewer mistakes and capitalise on the mistakes of our opponents.

"In football, you can be punished with your mistake in three seconds, but I want my team to punish their opponents in less than three seconds," Barjaktarević stated.

Commenting on the cancellation of the GPL, Barjaktarević said it was unfortunate, adding that it happened at a time his team was gradually picking up in the league.

According to Coach Barjaktarević, the cancellation of the league had disorganised his team-building process.

"It was at a time my team was playing at the level I wanted them to play. As it is now, it looks like we would be training without knowing exactly when the competition would be organised.

"But I’m convinced we would not struggle as we did in the league the last time. We would be better and survive the keen competition in the next league," he added.

Legon Cities FC, formerly Wa All-Stars, were battling with relegation before the 2019/20 GPL was cancelled due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic.

Source: GNA