Next season will be tough we will play without two of our top players - Skyy FM president Wilson Arthur

Published on: 03 August 2023

In a significant blow to their upcoming season, Skyy FM's President, Wilson Arthur, has announced that the team will face formidable challenges as they gear up to compete without two of their top players.

The absence of these key players casts a shadow of uncertainty over the team's performance, leaving supporters anxious about how they will fare in the upcoming season.

According to Wilson Arthur, the two players will travel outside Ghana to continue their football careers.

"Last season you saw our performance and if you are someone who follow our activities you won't be surprise. When I created this club we played division two just one season then we qualified to division one," he told Peace FM as monitored by

"When we came to division one our maiden edition we were third level on points with the second place team. Third one is the one cancelled one during covid we were the team on top the following one we played Super Cup which allowed Gold Stars to win we were second.

"Current one we won but boardroom points took our points and Nations bypass us. We have always had a good team we always build but next season it will be tough our best two players between them they scored 35 goals God willing they will travel aboard to continue their football careers this is what is worrying our league too,"