Samuel Inkoom shown the exist door as Dunav refurbish squad with teenagers

Published on: 10 December 2019

Black Stars defender Samuel Inkoom has been tipped to get his contract with  Dunav Rusev terminatd as they embark on a player clean up.

The cleanup will start running today, hours before the match with Lokomotiv Plovdiv at Ruse City Stadium at 5 pm.

 The team looks forward to refill the squad with teenagers hence the decision to get rid of five players that includes Samuel Inkoom

"Let them not understand from the media. We spoke to them and the contracts will be terminated on Monday. Let them break down and then we will announce who they are. I have 12-13 players who will deliver the match. The rest will be adolescents from the 19-year-olds. Some of them may start. There is time. By the time, anything can happen. "

"I told the football players in question, they are aware. But let's all go as we should and split up amicably, because they did the job. However, in the winter it has to be upgraded. We need points," said senior coach Lyudmil Kirov. 

The management also did not want to reveal more details before officially breaking up with the players in question.