Samuel Inkoom urges leaders to pay Black Princesses their bonuses

Published on: 25 March 2024

Former Ghana defender, Samuel Inkoom, has called on authorities to do all they can and pay the Black Princesses their bonuses owed them.

Inkoom is saying this on the back of another successful trophy won at the 2023 African Games when they beat Nigeria 2-1 in extra-time on Thursday night.

The players are owed winning bonuses dating back to qualifying matches for the 2024 U20 World Cup, which they will be playing in later this year.

“I hope that the leaders will do whatever they have to do to make sure that everybody is happy in the camp there,” he told Joy Sports.

“You know they have done something that nobody even thought about it you know but the coach is doing very well trust me Yusif is doing very well.

“Look at look at the stadium yesterday, it was amazing; that is what we are looking for, you understand and this also is very good example for our national teams.”