SEVILLA FC, Sarabia: "Now we can turn around fans' protests"

Published on: 20 September 2018

During Sevilla FC press conference ahead of Standard Liège EL opener, Sevilla FC forward Pablo Sarabia: "The team is working hard, though we've made mistakes. Everything knows that, and that we have to work on them, but I think we're doing good things, and we have to emphasise the things we are doing well to reach our goals. The team is clear in what it has to do...I don't think it's a problem of ideas, it's simply that things aren't going for us and we have to turn this situation around. I'm sure that when the goals come and we get more confidence it will all change.

It's true, perhaps the team isn't doing well in certain phases of the game. We need to try to get back the mentality and playstyle that we showed on the first matchday and in the knockout rounds. We have to get back to that, but always trusting in the idea, which is what is going to enable us to turn this around. The booes when facing Getafe? Sevilla's fans are great, and also demanding. They love to see their team win every Sunday. But the good thing is that we have the chance to turn this situation around tomorrow, and what we have to do is to play our game and win. And I'm sure the protests will soon become applause.

It's still very early days to be thinking about winning the trophy. I think the most important is to focus on tomorrow's game and then the next one. It's normal that teams have respect for us because Sevilla have won it many times and we have to play against these big clubs. I think it would be a mistake to believe we are favourites. It's true that we're at home, but we have to play our best game, irrespective of the opponent. We know they will be a tough team to play against".