Skyy FC coach Christian Lokko slams Dreams FC's performance in FA Cup semifinal

Published on: 14 May 2023

Skyy FC coach Christian Lokko has slammed Dreams FC's performance in their FA Cup semifinal clash on Sunday, saying that the Premier Division side were below par.

Dreams FC advanced to the FA Cup final for the first time, defeating Skyy FC 2-1 in a match where the Division One side had more possession.

Dreams took the lead early through Sylvester Simba, and Ali Huzaif doubled their advantage before the break. Skyy pulled one back in the second half, but they could not find an equalizer.

Despite the defeat, Lokko was proud of his side's performance and believes that they were the better team on the day.

"If you want to watch real football, we played the real football," he told StarTimes. "Division One and this is Premier Division but if you are from outside and you don't know you will think we are the Premier side. We played better. We're not disgraced."