The Bettors’ Basics: Football Betting Guide For Beginners

Published on: 04 November 2020
The Bettors’ Basics: Football Betting Guide For Beginners
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Are you a newbie bettor looking for useful football betting tips and information? This reading guide is a great start. Football betting is a thrilling type of gambling, for you are not just betting on some sport.

You are betting in the most popular sport globally, not to mention the different teams that are almost equally strong and fun to watch because of the dynamics of their strengths and weaknesses.

It is imperative for new punters like you to search and read for useful knowledge and information surrounding the world of football betting.

Because if you skip even the slightest details of the basics, you might experience some “information confusion” and may ultimately make you lose money when you start to bet. To get you started, below are basic essential information about football betting.

Football Betting And History

Football betting has been around for a long time but was finally legal in the 1960s. Though basketball, cricket, and tennis are some of the prevalent sports today, football by far is the most popular. Thus, the gambling industry in football has also evolved through time and became a billion-dollar industry.

When football betting became legal, betting stores started to show up the next year all over in the UK. When this happened, football fans began to bet in different ways legally. This time was one of the essential eras in football betting history. It was also an important “history in the making” time for the betting shops of bookmakers.

Today, football betting has become convenient because you can utilize online football betting websites like to learn about the upcoming match predictions and betting strategies to increase your winning odds.

Football Betting Terminologies

One of the basic rules in football betting is fully understanding the terminologies used. Understanding each of them will give you a good foundation in the football betting world. To learn more, listed below are some familiar words in football betting.


  1. Bookmaker - The bookmaker or “bookie” is someone who manages the betting, typically in sports like football. The bookie is the one who sets the ratio of odds. He also accepts the bets and places them. They are responsible for the payouts of the bettors as well.


  1. Punter - A punter is someone who bets. Basically, he or she is a bettor. Punters are the ones who bet against bookies.


  1. Juice - Juice or “vigorish” in other terms, is the pay cut or “commission” charged by the bookie for taking a bet.


  1. Stake - The stake is the amount of money that a bettor invests or risks on the win or the loss of a match result. It is basically the money you gamble.


  1. Sportsbook - Sportsbook is a company or an individual who accepts bets. They’re like a bookie.


  1. Hook - A hook is an extra half-point or .5 that punters can get. For example, when punters buy the hook on numbers like 2, it becomes 2.5. Bettors who win on this is when a match results in a Draw. For example, if a result is 2-2, a bettor bets on 2.5 wins.


  1. Underdog - This term describes a weaker team. Typically the team with a higher losing odds.

Kinds Of Football Betting

There are various kinds of betting on football. You must understand them to know which type of betting you prefer to gamble. To learn some of them, below are the kinds of football betting you can try.


  1. Accumulator Bet - in this bet, you can win huge payouts with little investment. There are many variations in the accumulator, but it’s typically about betting in one or more teams, and the more you add teams to bet on, the higher your winning or losing odds become.
  2. Draw No Bet - In this bet, you simply choose which team will win. If the result is a Draw, then your stake is returned.
  3. Half-time/Full-time Bet - In a half-time/full-time bet, you can bet on the 90-minute match’s results in the first-half and second-half. Meaning, you have the opportunity to win two times because you can win every 45 minutes.
  4. Match Result Bet - This kind of bet is easy to understand. In a match result bet, you only need to pick the result of a match. You can bet on the Home Team, the Away Team, and a Draw Result.
  5. Double Chance Bet - In the double chance, you have twice the chance of winning. In this bet, you can select two of the three outcomes. Meaning you can choose Home Team and Draw, Away Team and Draw, or Home Team and Away Team.

Quick Tips On Betting

If you want to become an expert bettor, you must not forget these quick tips to avoid huge losses.

  1. Be patient all the time
  2. Control your greed
  3. Only bet what you can afford to lose
  4. Use your head always, not your emotions
  5. Never bet if you’re not clear-headed


The basic information provided above is a great way to start your understanding of football betting. Make sure that you become familiar with the basics to have more confidence in football gambling. Just remember to manage your emotions and be clear-headed most of the time.