The Finest and Worst Football Casino Sponsorship Examples

Published on: 04 March 2024
The Finest and Worst Football Casino Sponsorship Examples
The Finest and Worst Football Casino Sponsorship Examples


There’s a long-standing, cross-continental relationship between casinos and football.


Football and (online) casino gambling have a long history together, having flourished together in recent years. A growing variety of games, including table games like roulette and slot machines, have a football motif nowadays. Football and casinos go hand in hand. Punters can enjoy thrilling new entertainment options, especially on newly launched casino sites, while operators can reach a whole new pool of potential clients.

Football teams and gambling sponsors have a complex relationship that goes much beyond simple business dealings. It entails digital cooperation, proactive fan interaction, and a mutual dedication to ethical behavior.

Historical Origins

For more than a century, football and paid gaming have been associated. Liverpool, England’s Littlewoods Pools was established in 1923 by Sir John Moore. Football enthusiasts were able to forecast game results and win significant rewards with this endeavor. During the 1994–95 season, Littlewoods became the FA Cup’s first official sponsor, securing the link between football and gambling/gaming.

Casino sponsorships yield substantial benefits for football teams, augmenting their financial stability and international visibility. This post will point out the advantages and disadvantages of casino sponsorship in football, along with some of the greatest and worst instances of this practice.

Which Football Games Have Had the Best and Worst Casino Sponsorship?

Depending on the previously listed circumstances, football casino sponsorship has resulted in both successful and unsuccessful situations over the years.

Here are a few of this phenomenon’s greatest and worst examples:

Best Examples


Bwin and Real Madrid

One of the top online betting brands, Bwin has a track record of supporting football powerhouses like AC Milan, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United. But its most noteworthy alliance was with Real Madrid, one of the world’s most prosperous and well-liked teams. Real Madrid’s official betting partner since 2018, Bwin served as the team’s jersey sponsor from 2007 to 2013.

The Spanish club appreciated the financial and technological backing from Bwin, while the Austrian company profited from Real Madrid’s worldwide recognition and stature.

Bet365 and Stoke City

Stoke City is a football team located in Stoke-on-Trent, England, and Bet365 is one of the biggest and most respected online gambling organizations in the world. The two have a long-standing and close association.

Since 2012, Bet365 has sponsored Stoke City’s uniforms. It also holds the rights to name the stadium. Stoke City’s 2008 Premier League promotion, 2018 relegation to the Championship, and current attempts to return to the top tier have all been backed by the UK-based firm. Additionally, Bet365 has benefited the neighborhood by supporting sports facilities, hiring employment, and giving to charitable causes.

Casinos with Boku and Various Clubs

Using their phone numbers, customers can make online purchases with Boku, a mobile payment service, and have the goods charged to their prepaid or postpaid mobile accounts. Since no credit card or bank account information is needed, this service is safe, easy to use, and anonymous. Boku has collaborated with a number of online casinos, including Casino Cruise, Genesis Casino, and Casumo Casino, that take this payment option.

Numerous football teams, including Fulham FC, Aston Villa FC, and Wigan Athletic FC, have also received sponsorship from these casinos. Through these alliances, both sides have been able to access new markets and clientele, particularly in areas where internet gambling is either prohibited or controlled.

Worst Examples

Fun88 and Newcastle United

The primary market for Fun88, an online gambling company, is Asia.

Since 2017, it has served as the jersey sponsor for Newcastle United, an English Premier League football team situated in Newcastle upon Tyne. But in 2020, after the Premier League banned the club’s proposed sale by a Saudi Arabian group, Newcastle United supporters began a boycott movement against Fun88. The supporters urged that the team sever its sponsorship agreement with Fun88, accusing the corporation of being involved in the takeover failure. Additionally, the fans alleged that Fun88’s gambling products were dishonest and dangerous.

SportPesa and Various Clubs

An online gaming business called SportPesa primarily serves African markets. Numerous football teams in Europe and Africa, including Everton FC, Hull City FC, Arsenal FC, Cape Town City FC, and Gor Mahia FC, have benefited from its sponsorship. But SportPesa had a number of difficulties in 2020 that had an impact on its sponsorship agreements. The government of Kenya canceled SportPesa’s license because of disagreements over taxes and regulations. In Ghana, it became one of our lower-rated online gambling sites at as a result of this.

Due to financial difficulties brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic, SportPesa discontinued its contracts with Racing Point F1 Team and Everton FC in the United Kingdom. Due to a legal dispute with a local partner, SportPesa’s sponsorship of Cape Town City FC was terminated by the court in South Africa in 2021.

666Bet and Various Clubs

Online gambling was offered by 666Bet between 2014 and 2015. It provided sponsorship to a number of English and Scottish football teams, including Dundee United FC, West Bromwich Albion FC, and Leyton Orient FC.

However, the UK Gambling Commission closed down the operator in 2015 as a result of fraud and money laundering accusations. Customers of the company lost access to their accounts and the ability to take money out, while sponsored clubs lost their sponsors and revenue streams.

What Are the Advantages of Football Casino Sponsorship?

In football, casino sponsorship can benefit both sides in a number of ways, including:

Generating Revenue

For football teams, casino sponsorship can be a substantial source of revenue, particularly during uncertain or poor economic times. For instance, a report by GlobalData states that in the 2020–21 season, shirt sponsorship deals brought in a total of £349.1 million for the English Premier League clubs; 10% of this revenue was attributed to gambling businesses.

Sponsoring football teams is a great way for casinos to grow their clientele, revenue, market share, and level of competition.

Brand Awareness

The visibility and prestige of the football organization and the casino company can both be improved by casino sponsorship. Casino firms can enhance their reputation and credibility with potential customers and stakeholders by partnering with a well-liked and reputable sport.

Football entities can increase their global appeal and reach, as well as fan loyalty and engagement, by collaborating with reputable and well-known casino operators.

Social Accountability

Because both parties can utilize their resources and influence to promote a range of organizations and initiatives that help the larger community, casino sponsorship can also have a good social impact. Certain casino corporations contribute a portion of their earnings to philanthropic causes or provide funding for instructional initiatives that encourage responsible gaming.

Some football organizations donate money from their casino sponsors to support grassroots sports, environmental sustainability, or youth development.

What Are the Disadvantages of Football Sponsorship by Casinos?

Football casino sponsorship can also have certain unfavorable effects on both parties, including:

Moral Considerations

Football stadium sponsorship by casinos can bring up moral and ethical concerns, particularly in light of the possible negative effects of gambling on both individuals and society as a whole. Critics contend that the sponsorship of casinos normalizes and propagates gambling among susceptible populations, including minors, young adults, and problem gamblers.

Additionally, they contend that casino sponsorship manipulates fans’ betting choices and behaviors by taking advantage of their sentimental tie to their preferred teams or athletes.

Legal Disputes

Legal issues relating to football casino sponsorship may potentially arise, depending on the location and gaming laws in place. Strict rules that prohibit or limit advertising for gambling or sponsoring sports are in place in several nations or regions.

For instance, the UK government intended to outlaw all gambling-related sports advertising when it reviewed its gambling regulations in 2019. More permissive rules in certain other nations or areas permit sponsorship of gaming but with restrictions. In Spain, for instance, gambling companies are allowed to sponsor football teams but aren’t allowed to use the names or photos of the players in their advertisements.

Risks to One’s Reputation

In the event that either party fails to live up to the expectations or contractual responsibilities, there may also be reputational hazards associated with casino sponsorship in football.


Football is one of the most popular and lucrative sports in the world, attracting millions of fans and generating billions of dollars in revenue. As such, it’s also a fertile ground for various forms of sponsorship, especially from the gambling industry.

Football casino sponsorship is a contentious issue with both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it can offer football teams and casinos monetary gains, increased brand recognition, and social responsibility. However, it can also provide threats to both parties’ reputations, legal issues, and ethical dilemmas. All parties interested in casino sponsorship of football, including casino corporations, football organizations, governments, regulators, fans, customers, and society at large, should give it serious thought and regulation.

Casino sponsorship in football is a common practice that has been around for decades, but it also raises some ethical and legal questions. However, it’s a complex topic that will wait for the new article.