We don't take things from a technical perspective- Osei Palmer

Published on: 27 April 2020

The former Black Stars management committee chairman, Wilfred Osei Palmer stated that the selection of players in the national teams are usually not from a technical standpoint but based on relationships.

In an interview with Daily Graphic, Palmer also mentioned that the ex-coaches know about this predicament.

“Instead of we looking at things from a technical perspective, we tend to look for players very close to us to be part of the team, irrespective of their level or quality of skills they have.

“If you have your doubts, you can talk to the ex-coaches and they will tell you a lot. Even the supporters can say we want this player to come into the team because we want ABC to be done. But is that the way forward?,” he questioned.

Palmer is currently in a legal battle with the GFA due to disqualification before the Presidential elections.