What were the highlights of this year’s AFCON?

Published on: 27 February 2024
What were the highlights of this year’s AFCON?
What were the highlights of this year’s AFCON?



There were numerous memorable moments to have taken place throughout the tournament, which would have captured the imagination of viewers. In fact, it was the type of tournament that would have potentially made football even more appealing to those across the continent, even those in South Africa, where they have a love for the beautiful game.

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Most memorable moments of ACON 2024

With many memorable moments from Africa’s premier international football competition, AFCON 2024 will live on for a while for various reasons.

Ivory Coast’s premature sacking or incredible foresight?

As we know, the Ivory Coast were the hosts of this year’s event and were able to use home advantage to its fullest by winning the competition. However, at one stage, it looked very unlikely. They were desperately poor in the group stage and even sacked coach Jean-Louis Gasset as they thought they would be eliminated. However, they qualified as one of the best third-placed teams and under Emerse Fae, they turned things around and were victorious.

Ronwen Williams showed goalkeepers do have a chance at penalties

A penalty will often benefit the outfield player more than the goalkeeper. The goalie can become the hero, but there is relatively no expectation on their shoulders to save one because of the advantage the shooter has. However, South Africa’s Ronwen Williams threw out that rulebook in the quarterfinals. Against Cape Verde, he saved four of the five penalties that were taken in the shootout - becoming the first to do so in the competition.

Mauritania making a name for themselves

Often confused for Mauritius when spoken about as a country, Mauritania made sure everyone knew its name - at least in AFCON football terms. The country to the west of Africa was able to record one of the biggest shocks ever, as they defeated the 2019 champions Algeria 1-0 in the final group game, securing their place in the next stage as a best third-placed team at the expense of their opponents.

So much came out of AFCON 2024

There was so much to come out of the 2024 AFCON competition, including Bebe’s 40-yard free kick for Cape Verde against Mozambique and new meme-based content including Mali coach Eric Chelle having water poured over his head after a defeat to the Ivory Coast following extra-time in the quarter-final.

With all these memorable moments and more, it is no surprise that AFCON continues to produce magical moments and is loved by fans across Africa and beyond.